Collecting Design

Collecting Design

Автор: Adam Lindemann


Adam Lindemann’s previous book for Taschen, Collecting Contemporary, has been an unprecedented success, introducing the lay reader to collecting contemporary art, with tell-all interviews by the biggest players in the global art market. Where this book was mainly the outcome of Lindemann’s personal fascination with the art, Collecting Design, in similar fashion, started when he was furnishing his new house. «Art collectors like myself who hung beautiful contemporary paintings on their walls suddenly saw their furniture look sad and tired,» Lindemann writes in his preface and relates how hobby became passion and an overwhelming desire to know everything. Which is how this latest volume manages to give such a perfect introduction into collectible design: it follows the path its author went. It all started in the late eighteenth century: artists designed porcelain pieces that became editioned works in high demand. Art Deco to the Wiener Werkst?tte, Bauhaus to the Eameses, the…

Издатель: Taschen

Год: 2010



Страниц: 300

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Хороший портал, и книг много
57 минут назад
Добавьте, пожалуйста, раздел "Стол заказов". Я думаю многим есть здесь чем поделиться.
12 часов назад
Супер!!! Рекомендую всем
22 часа назад
Нашла здесь Collecting Design. Просто нет слов. Спасибо.
6 дней назад
Спасибо за Collecting Design. Выручили. Нигде не мог найти.
23 дня назад

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