Iris Recognition In Eigen Space

Iris Recognition In Eigen Space

Автор: Abhijit Das


This work proposes novel approaches for iris recognition in the context of biometric identification of a person. The iris is a portion of the inner eye of an individual and contains an abstract and randomly generated texture pattern arising from orientation of complex tissues within this region. This random pattern can provide a unique identifier of a person if a mathematical model can be built to represent and compare it. The manuscript consist of two approaches .In first approach the iris images are mapped to Eigen-space and a robust iris code signature is generated from different camera snapshots of the same eye to incorporate tonal and lighting variations. The covariance matrix of the images is computed and they are converted to a row vector, to enable real-time identification the signature is represented as a low dimensional feature for reducing computational overheads. This book is dedicated to my Parents Nani Gopal Das & Gitasri Das,and also to my research guide.

Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2013



Страниц: 112

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