Even So, Come, Lord Jesus!

Even So, Come, Lord Jesus!

Автор: Valdas Ausra


The work is primarily concerned with the Christology and the anthropology of Vladimir Lossky and Sergius Bulgakov who represent the Eastern Orthodox tradition on the one side, and of Jurgen Moltmann and Eberhard Jungel representing the Western Protestant tradition on the other. The book explores ways in which Christology informs and defines the anthropology of the mentioned Christian traditions in general and of the theologians in particular. It studies Orthodox understanding of person-hood and individuality in the light of God’s relationship with humankind. Theme of theosis is a central in this discussion. We are discussing a variety of theological themes starting with the creation of the human being and ending with the glorious vision of the Age to come. The research also explores Western reflections on cross event as the self–revelation of the Triune God; will touch new revelations brought into Western theological field by Finnish Lutheran theologians as well. This book will help…

Издатель: Scholars' Press

Год: 2013



Страниц: 248

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