Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Автор: Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren isn’t easy to define. Unlike many designers, he is not known for a single signature look, but rather for his sweeping dreams of American living. Over the course of his career, the images of luxury, adventure, and beauty that he created have come to define American style. In this visually stunning book, Lauren speaks candidly for the first time ever about himself and his art. In part one, we get to know the designer through never-before-seen pictures of him in private life and with his family, living the lives he designs for. In his own words, we hear about his life, work, and inspiration. In the second part, Lauren displays and writes about his most important, most iconic, and most beloved work, hand-picked from hundreds of runway shows, collections, and his signature cinematic advertising campaigns. Lauren’s aesthetic influence and unique design sensibility are captured here by fashion’s finest photographers, including Bruce Weber, Deborah Turbeville, and Patrick…

Издатель: Rizzoli International Publications, Inc

Год: 2007



Страниц: 480

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Вы просто крутые перцы, столько книг выложили
10 минут назад
Да тут 100500 файлов и я хочу всё )) Огромное спасибо разработчикам за такой уникальный контент!!!
2 часа назад
Долго искала Ralph Lauren, но только здесь нашла, и смогла скачать.
22 часа назад
10 дней назад
Спасибо, ребята. Вы лучшие! Чмоки-чмоки )
17 дней назад

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